Order up! and try some of the best pizza in Eldoret

Are you in the mood for a pizza? We got you. From hawaiian,pepperoni,periperi,Margherita name them! vegetarian pizzas also available, pizzas are food that suits any occasion – especially because there are so many options out there! To help you narrow down your choices, we’ve rounded up some of the best pizzas in Eldoret, and you can have them brought straight to you.

Where to find best pizzas in Eldoret

Well, you can find them in your living room! We’ve got a ton of top-rated pizza joints on our app ready to bring you some of the best pizzas Eldoret has to offer. Whether you like yours spicy or salty, classic or creative, our mouth-watering menu of options has got you covered:

Bakers point Eldoret

This is the place to go if you’re looking for pizzas in Eldoret that really go the extra mile. Their menu includes several delicious dishes with a range of unusual toppings to pick from. Fans of a classic pizza will love the Bakers point pizza, which combines the pizza flavours you need,you'll get pizza that you’ll be ordering again and again.

Zaika lounge

Medium pizzas from Zaika Lounge go for Ksh 750 while large ones go for Ksh 999. They come in so many different types that include but are not limited to mushroom, vegetarian, chicken BBQ, Hawaiian, etc. One great thing about ordering pizza from Zaika, apart from the fine taste and appearance, of course, is the fact that on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, if you buy two pizzas you get 1 free

Pizza bistro

When you’re ready to really test your tastebuds, turn up the heat with pizza bistro. It is famous for its signature medium crusted, cheesy pizzas that come in the form of periperi, chicken BBQ, vegetable pizza and Hawaiian to mention but a few.

The Well Irish Pub and Restaurant

Some of the best pizzas you'll ever get in Eldoret town come from The Well Irish Pub and Restaurant! Their biggest sell for me is the thinness of the crust. Most pizzerias serve you a huge chunk of crust with a very thin layer of toppings. Pizzas at the Well are the opposite.Both branches of The Well Irish Pub and Restaurant offer quite an extensive list of pizzas so you’ll be spoilt for choice.Top picks from their menu include Hawaiian, Margherita, Meat Lovers Pizza, Napolitano, Calzone, BBQ Chicken Periperi, Diavolo, Mexicano, and American pizzas. They also serve vegetarian pizzas.

Blue lounge

Available options include periperi, chicken Tikka, Hawaiian, Margherita, chicken mushrooms, polo, BBQ steak, and Chicken bacon BBQ.OH, and how dare I forget! On Fridays, if you buy a pizza, you get another one free. This all-star eatery believes that good food should be big, tasty and messy – and they’re really willing to put their menu where their mouth is! Blue lounge serves heart-warming food that will tick off all your comfort-food cravings.

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